Smith & Wesson 12x Galaxy Xenon/LED Combo Flashlight and Nylon Holster

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Smith & Wesson 12x Galaxy Xenon/LED Combo Flashlight and Nylon Holster
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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These are smaller than you think. Which can be good or bad. More compact, but harder to club someone with.

not another flashlight

same price on amazon :-/

uh oh… Looks like there are a lot of these.

zzzzz … woot off killer

Did anyone else find the write-up a little disturbing and specific?

An assault flashlight?

Dare I say, better than a projector…


Mfg Item Num: SW1200XWT

Category: LIGHTS

Type :Flashlight

Candle Power :81 lumens

Bulb Type :(1) Xenon & (12) LED

Diameter :1.77" (Head)

Length :5.8"

Weight :7.2 oz w/ Batteries

Battery :(2) 3-volt CR123A lithium

Waterproof :Water resistant

Color :Black

Material :Aluminum

I was interested - right up until the funky, non-cheap battery.

Well that was a writeup that made me chuckle! (they’ve got me figured out, and now can exploit me!)

Finally a Smith and Wesson my mother won’t hassle me about playing with. She always said things like, “You’ll shoot your brains out”. Now she will say, “you’ll burn your eye out”.

Superb writeup.


I own one of these, they are NICE. I’ve actually uh… accidentally disturbed neighbors before. From two streets over.

Greatest write up ever. Lol’d several times and even had to read it to my wife, who still said “no” to the flashlight.

The 2-3volt batteries are a deal killa :frowning:

just a warning… batteries aren’t cheap! Ouch.

cr123a’s are sort of common for higher level flash lights, you can get a good pair of rechargable ones (rcr123a) for not too much and they hold a charge well. Honestly for a flashlight like this I wouldn’t want it to be driven by normal batteries. Why do I know this, I use rcr123as in an e-cig :B

a pair of rcr123a should last you at least 3 months before you would need another pair.