Smith & Wesson 4-in-1 3 Watt LED Flashlight


That isn’t the Smith and Wesson I am partial to :slight_smile:

You light up my life…You give me hope to carry on… Sorry had to break into song…

How about. Woot the led reindeer… Lit up my home with glee…

Anyone have this? Seems small. Worth the price?

looks like a lightsaber

(is Lucas going to make me pay royalties for that reference?)


How do you tell what price something you missed was selling for?

$19.99 at amazon

Give us something good. Like a refurbed Death Star or something!

What caliber of shells does this take?

Ah yes, the pinching of soft nether parts with a carabiner clip…

I dare someone to try to bring this through airport security!! Look at that thing!!

I could actually use a good flashlight. This just isn’t that great of a deal. I’m holdin’ out…

Amazon is $19.99 with free shipping so not a deal if you would buy something else. 5 stars there though.

Can buy 3 LED flashlights for $10.00

Is this a reference to the blue lasers that recently 50% of them coming into the US from China got seized?

Balloon popping blue lasers!

I’d consider this…if it used a lithium 123A battery. Oh, well.

I was wondering the same.

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