Smith & Wesson 4-in-1 3 Watt LED Flashlight

FINALLY!!! A flashlight!

If you are a flashlight collector, this is the woot-off for you!

Afer the cooking seasonings, I thought of a different kind of Wesson when this came up…

This PROVES my theory: people from Maine love flashlights.

in for 2

This house protected by: Smith and Wesson

I’m hoping those Serengeti suckers make a showing, those things kick ass. Not impressed with all the S&W.

These are superb to leave in the car for those rainy day event. Put in (3) lithium AAA batts, and it will be there, when you need it, guarranteed.

Is this supposed to be somehow better than the 3 watt LED flashlight that I got off of deals.woot? It was the one with 8 white LEDs around a red laser pointer in the middle. $1 with free worldwide shipping.

I prefer quality,I prefer Tactical 6 x 3 watt Cree LED 1500 Lumen flashlight.

I am. IT is. :slight_smile:

just put on the bag

Ugh, flashlights – specificall Smitt & Wesson flashlights – have replaced horrible Excalibur games as the Woot throwaways du jour.

I got 3 of these last time they were offered. They’re great. a nice combination of longer battery life vs. brightness for <$20! I have one in the car for whatever, and one in my night stand for when I hear strange noises outside, and gave the 3rd to my father in law - who loves it too. With the white cap on, it really lights up the room.