Smith & Wesson 4-in-1 3 Watt LED Flashlight

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Smith & Wesson 4-in-1 3 Watt LED Flashlight
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Why do I still see the Bluetooth speaker from earlier today? Have tried refreshing the page, no help.

Looks like it is over

Can’t buy this one, interesting.

what’s happening now?

Just seeing yesterdays BT speakerphone. Was frustrating while it lasted.

Congratulations Woot, you have officially driven your entire clientele certifiably insane. You win.

totally agree, frustrating…

maybe they’re pissed cuz people cheated with the bags of crap?

Is the party over? Either the servers are broken or we have ended the woot off with only a few woots.

Aw, c’mon! It’s entertaining! There’s a phantom woot!

Where am I? What was I doing. Why do I have the sudden urge to start a snail farm and throw packages at houses?

after today I’m thinking of closing my account, guess the joke is on woot

Cheated, my right buttcheek. I bet that wouldn’t have been possible without inside help. :slight_smile:

Really? One of everything, and all we can see is yesterday’s crap? Nice Woot.

WOOT OFF! April Fools? I’m lost. Oh well it’s a beautiful day outside. See ya!

Me too, one of their servers must be screwed

Happy April Fools! Nice Woot! make everyone think its a woot off after the B0C… Nice.

Enjoyed the game but never got my boc.