Smith & Wesson 4-in-1 3 Watt LED Flashlight





Finally, a flashlight.


i hope they have 3

kind of a weird-o woot off…

Woot, you light up my life.

On that sad note, I’m going to bed. Have fun boys n girls.

I saw the S&W and got all excited…what a letdown when I got to the ‘flashlight’ part.

It’s 4 tools in one…which is handy if the 4 tools you need are all lights!

Everyone needs 20 of these, but they only offer 3. So buy 3!

is this worth it? if its decent as a flood/worklight im thinking of keeping one in the cars…

no I can see the monkey in the storage bag at night… horray!

I feel as if the best use for this would be midnight skinny dipping

OMG! Too…many…jokes…

The question you gotta ask is…“Do you feel lucky…in the dark? Well, do ya…PUNK?”

Will this work with Mac?

Not just a flashlight, but a magnetic flashlight. One that you can keep snug next to your digital camera…

You didn’t want to keep those camping pictures anyway… (grin)


gp ahead…light my way. (say it clint eastwood voice and its much more impactful.)