Smith & Wesson 8" Throwing Knives 6-Pack

Fist responders? “He’s having a heart attack. Quick throw this knife (Thwack!) That did it. Heart attack over (1st responders high 5 on a job well done)”

Survivalist? (Grrrrrrrr) “Do you hear something? Look a bear! Don’t worry I have this. I will use my handy Smith & Wesson 8” throwing knife. (Thwack) Hmmmm, that bear looks pissed. Maybe I should have brought a S&W gun to the bear fight?"

Do Not Google “knife throwing fails”…or maybe you should

Do you yearn for more precision and control than you’ve been getting from your average lawn dart? Do you feel that personal safety and having all 10 fingers is for Commies? Well, we at S&W couldn’t agree more. We are proud to introduce the new StumpMaker 6 pack…

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