Smith & Wesson Cree HD Tactical Flashlight

And Woot Said, Let there be Light!

Oh come on!

Really?? nothing good yet…

I wish everyone would stop labeling stuff “HD”… it’s getting really old.

$35 flashlight? Is it made of gold?? Oh I see, it’s HD… I’ve been wanting to get rid of my crap low def flashlights for a while…

And it’s in HD

The most powerful flashlight in the world, could shine your head clean off.

Got one of these awhile back, very handy and durable.

Looks like a good flashlight, but I already have way too many similar ones.

LED diode is like PIN number

AWSOME light. This is the best light I have ever bought, and I bought it on the previous woot!

AA? Not CR123A?

Meh. No sale.

At least this one won’t last as long as 2001 the Memorex Odessy

Is this flashlight 720p or 1080p?

Wow, its HD, I guess you can see anything you shine in on in full 1080P. Maybe I should just keep my old TV and use this on it?

Pretty lame so far… and Ive stayed up til midnight all week to know when the next woot off was!!

got one of these in the bowl of cherries last time - didnt work

Turn on your heart light…

Due to my unsavory criminal background, this is the only Smith & Wesson I’m allowed to keep in my holster. In for 1!