Smith & Wesson Knives

Hello Woot

What is the blade length for the SWAT assist open knife?? This is VERY important for people interested in carrying it.

I can buy knives like these in my local Gander Mountain and Pro Bass stores, yet you won’t ship them to me in NY state. You used to. What law changed?

We just checked in with the vendor, the blade length is 3.2"! Sorry, we should have that added to the sale pretty soon.

Smith & Wesson S.W.A.T. Assist-Open knife has me confused. The picture is of a non-serrated blade but the description says serrated in multiple spots… I especially liked this non-sentence, “medium 40% serrated assisted with safety”. Must be missing commas or something because as it stands it makes no sense at all. either that or somehow someone made a blade that was “serrated assisted with safety”, because we all know what happens if you get a serrated assisted without safety. :slight_smile:

Anyway, is this knife serrated or non-serrated?

Good question. I emailed our buyers to get some clarification. Check back for an update.

I own one. 81mm/3.2 inches.

Not really a deal on the G10 Folding Tanto…$14.95 for this one:

for reference:

that’s what I expect to see with “serrated blade” but that’s not what you have pictured.

I found other pics online, too. I’m still waiting to hear back from our buyer. Sorry for the delay.

As a resident in Illinois who has had similar issues (albeit with pellet rifles and pellets for Air Rifles vice Knives). Woot (or really Amazon) tends to err on the side of being overly restrictive when items like this are shipped to NY zip codes. I have seen your complaint before, if your zip code is on “the black list” they will not ship it to you…There is no reason for it its just policy.

So any word on whether the S.W.A.T. knife is serrated or non-serrated? Id buy if it was but I think I’ll pass if it isn’t.

Sorry to keep posting but I’d like to place an order but I’m hung up on this knife so I can’t. A quick yes or no on whether the SWAT knife is partially serrated would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I’m really sorry for the delay. Our buyer is still waiting to hear back from the vendor on this.

Received the order, and the blade is NOT the advertised length. The blade is ~2.5in, not the advertised 3.4in. The handle is ~3.4in, not the advertised 4.3in.

I have a Smith & Wesson SWA3 knife which is the lengths advertised, and this knife is tiny next to it. Will be seeing what can be done to return this item asap.

I just received my knife today and have the same issue. It’s too tiny based on the description. Will also be returning.