Smith & Wesson Luxeon LED Tactical Flashlight

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Smith & Wesson Luxeon LED Tactical Flashlight
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Smith & Wesson SW775LX Luxeon LED Tactical Flashlight

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my wife loves this, its perfect for your wife for christmas or her birthday or even valentines day. Women love this item

now THIS is a flashlight to have!


Cheaper on deals extreme.

If I buy this will Chicks think I am cool?

People must be gettin sleepy! usually there are 15 lude comments by now

i actually have one of these, they’re pretty nice, really bright, and give good visibility for an led flashlight.

If you put “tactical” in the title of the item, it’s bound to sell out in seconds.

no…no they wont

cursed fios 50/20 is not fast enough!

my wife loves her 4 cell maglite its easy to find and oh the protection!

Ugh, really wanted to buy that, but alas, my clicking finger was not quick enough. :frowning:

you wont put it in ur butt tho

i have one of these and they are junk, lasted about 2 days then took a dump, whoever bought it i feel bad for your poor…poor soul

cuz it went soft am i right?

i bet you already did you turd burgler

Be sure to read the reviews for this flashlight before buying it. It looks well made and maybe is and it’s reasonably but not spectacularly bright. But there’s a killer drawback – the ON OFF switch.

You turn it on and off by rotating the cap at the bottom. Supposedly, all the way tight is ON. One turn counterclockwise is intermittent using the push button switch at the end. Turn it further counterclockwise and one of two things happen: either it’s all the way off, OR the end cap falls off OR the water protection goes away. How many turns is one turn in an emergency? The cap is black on a black tube. How do judge one turn even if you’re looking?

It’s the Achilles’s heel of the flashlight. I wish I had not wasted money on it. To add insult to injury, when you shove it into the too-tight sheath, you stand a good chance of activating the push button at the button, making the light turn on and stay on, and burning out the batteries if it doesn’t burn a hole through the sheath, your pocket, and your skin first.

Horrible design. Get something else. I’ll leave it in a drawer at home for power failure uses. That’s all it’s good for and barely for that because I bet it won’t run very long.