Smith & Wesson Micro90 Compact LED Pistol Light with Rail Mount

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Smith & Wesson Micro90 Compact LED Pistol Light with Rail Mount
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Who asked for lots of monkeys?

So you clamp this on to the shaft?

Now this is on target?
(sorry, BOC less woot-offs make me snarky)

Terrific. Now we’re seeing things that absolutely no one wants, and at high prices, too.

no it goes on top or lower rail

I did, but all I got was a light to mount on a gun :frowning:

I lul’d, no joke.

if this had been a light+grenade launcher, i’d buy it. also grenades.

I beg to differ. Already I can see that someone wanted one. :tongue:

I haven’t priced a gun light in a couple of years but this appears to be not bad. As always caveat emptor, I am not familiar with this model nor have I kept up with the state of the art in gunlights for 3-4 years, but at this price I am in for 1, just for practice purposes since I have never shot a gun with this type of light mounted.

Save your money and mount a laser site. [ … ok, ok … “sight,” not “site” … jeeze.]

If you’re just really, really committed to illuminating the whole freakin’ world, buy a more versatile, tactically correct flashlight, and learn to shoot with the locked wrists technique. You’ll still have the laser AND the flashlight.

Just shoot me now…

Should I be surprised that NascarDad was the first sucker?

HMM? I keep playing the crap SHOOT game, and now this is a pistol mount. Is this a hint of what is to come next?

better yet, just freakin’ get yourself a moonraker.


Sometimes I forget Woot is Texas based.

Maybe they’ll start up Whisky Woot next.

First sucker handle = “NascarDad”…what a shock.