Smith & Wesson Micro90 Compact LED Pistol Light with Rail Mount

Is this HDMI compatable? I need a good rail mount for my refurbished HP

Oh, wait, they’ll probably have the strap-on headlight next for a lot less.

I hope that’s sarcasm.

In for 1.

It should work on anything with a picatinny rail


… you do know this is when they pull out the crap bag right ?

I would not trust my life to this light. Does not fit snugly on a Glock.

Maybe if you throw it at someone.

Night shooting is illegal in Michigan. “Nuff said.”

Price is great, reviews are not. Make sure you do some research to see how well this actually fits. Some are saying it’s not a good design but the ones that like it payed twice this much for it.

This light will probably work with any pistol with a proprietary rail. Just don’t expect your pistol to fit into a BLACKHAWK! Serpa with this on it.

Gun accessories? Well, today’s the day I say goodbye to Woot.

It depends on the pistol manufacturer…and how long it’s been on/off the market. Sadly, this will not fit on my S&W pistols that are more than 5 years after manufacture.

will this work on my BB gun?

You know what I never get with these. doesn’t having a light on your gun give the opposing guy a better target at night?

in for one, i was looking for one of these

More fun for playing “Assasin.”

Woot can sell gun accessories and not promote a conservative NRA agenda…relax people. It’s a deal site…

Thanks dude! That’s what I needed to know.

Got a recommendation? I’ve been eyeing this one.