Smith & Wesson Spring Airsoft Pistol

Woot! You’re a bunch of Jack wagons selling real looking handguns. There’s plenty of a hole sites that sell that crap, you don’t need to be part of it

Oh, please stop that nonsense. It’s a bb gun. Responsible people will be careful snd supervise its use. Responsible adults will make sure it doesn’t travel where it shouldn’t. Why are we not accepting our own responsibility and expexting woot! to shoulder it?

Edit: that should be “expecting”. I goofed.

Sorry, but it’s not looking good for your anti-gun agenda, at least for the next four years.

You should probably just keep your opinion to yourself, which is sound advice anytime - not just now.

Are you saying that being transparent, having bright green pellets (that can be seen due to the transparency), and having a bright orange tip makes this “real looking”?

I’m buying 3 of these because I can make good use of them and Woot has offered them! Great for helping family, friends and students practice fundamentals after a formal introductory class if they haven’t purchased a gun yet and are still shopping (I’m a NRA firearms instructor in addition to my full time job).

I’ve seen these on other sites for a couple dollars more. Thanks for having these, Woot!!

Edit: Oh hey! I can buy 4!!

Hey Woot! Is Michigan still supposed to be the short list of no-ship states?

Our governor has worked hard to turn us around from the “stick-in-the-mud buzzkilling state legislators” of years past.

Yep, Michigan is good to go. The state list should be updated in a bit. Check back.

You rock - thanks! Merry Christmas to me!

Ok, it’s updated now. Sorry for the delay.

Dude you are overreacting like crazy. Im a liberal and my conservative friend introduced me to airsoft, that pistol is nothing to worry about. It really isnt, think of paintball, thats really it except no paint and just plastic pellets, its actually pretty fun if you have people who play without cheating and actually calling when they get hit.

Typical moronic, right wing THUG mentality. Your opinion is valid…but anyone with an opposing view should keep theirs to themselves. Derrrr.

Great, inexpensive, air soft(pellet) gun. If anyone seriously thinks this is a realistic looking gun as configured? Perhaps a little effort in self education as to what a S&W M&P 9 really looks like is should be on YOUR AGENDA. I suppose if there was .5 lume and a profile glimpse might make someone look again. But beyond a siloulette similarity it looks nothing like a “real” gun. If this product isn’t for you than fine. But the media does enough to spread ignorance, I come on here to enjoy the junk these folks sell with out your politics