Smokin' Aces Jazblu Brazil Coffee, 2lbs

Smokin' Aces Jazblu Brazil Coffee, 2lbs

Smokin Aces is basically an instabuy for me at this point. New roast but the tasting notes have me.

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It says roasted September of 2019,so is this over a year old???

Whole bean or ground?

The description says “Roast Level= Medium Dark” and “Roasted to Order”.

Does this coffee and roast level do well in an espresso machine? I usually use a medium roast (as opposed to medium dark roast) in my machine to get a less bitter espresso.

How soon after the coffee is roasted do you ship the coffee?

That’s the harvest date. It’s roasted to order.

Whole bean.

Ahhhhh…forgot to submit my order!!!