Smokin' Aces Tanzania Coffee, 2lbs

Smokin' Aces Tanzania Coffee, 2lbs

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I ordered this last week. Took 10 days to ship and arrived the next day.

Same here, arrived yesterday. Got the shipping confirmation followed by the delivery email within minutes of each other.

Now I need to try the coffee like right now! How is the coffee? I don’t care how long it takes to get here. how is the coffee? I’ve been really happy with all the coffee I’ve Wooted!

I haven’t grinded some beans yet but I’m sure it’s good. The last coffee I bought was Buzz Brew and it had an excellent taste. Very mellow taste, not too bitter not too bland. Hoping Tanzania is just as good

Thanks! I also enjoyed the Buzz Brew. The birthday stuff was really delicious, will buy more when that shows up at birthday time (July?)

The name of this stuff makes me think it’s going to taste like secondhand smoke and wet dog.

I’m sure it’s fine.

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You’ve never seen Smokin’ Aces the movie?


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I wonder if it’s on Netflix?

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I received mine last evening and it had been roasted only 3 days before it arrived. It smelled incredible and this morning I am having my first cup (cappuccino). It is great stuff. I don’t go through a lot of coffee so 2 pounds is quite a lot for me. Otherwise I would order another bag. No old beans here!


This is the first coffee I’ve Wooted, and it’s a good one! Seems to be a medium roast and it is absolutely smooth! Not overpowering, but nice roasty flavor with NO bitterness. I use a Baraza Encore burr grinder on the #14 setting for autodrip; it’s amazingly good coffee