Smokin Mango Hot Sauce 4 Pk- Your Choice

Smokin Mango Hot Sauce 4 Pk- Your Choice

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How does something with mango, maple syrup, and carrots in it have zero sugar with three different sources of it?
Otherwise, I’m not finding much online, has anyone tried this? It looks like it’s essentially mango tabasco sauce from the ingredients. Does it have any real bite? How strong is the habanero flavor?

It’s the same reason why tic tacs can claim to be a zero calorie breath mint despite them being literal pucks of sugar. If a food product has less than 0.5g of sugar per serving, then the FDA guidlines require that the label state there are zero grams of sugar per serving.
Haven’t tried the sauce though, so can’t help with that.

Hi! The nutrition panel is always based on the serving amount. Considering that you will use rather small amounts of a hot sauce you are not consuming much sugars.
The Wild Child has a really good kick and the Mild Child has some heat. Both pair excellent with grilled foods, egg dishes of all sorts and all your other favorite foods.
The flavor is very different than tabasco. It’s made with fresh Mangoes and habaneros.

The mango habanero sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings is one of my favorites, but it’s made with high fructose corn syrup, which I try hard to avoid. If this stuff is anywhere close, it will be a go-to for me. I’m in.