SMS SYNC by 50 Wireless Heaphones

$10.00 cheaper today at 1sale today.

Avoid at all costs. Terrible headphones.

A little more info would be helpful to those considering these.

I’ve read many reviews that they sound surprisingly good. Heavy on the bass, but more balanced than beats with better mids and highs. The main downside to these is that they aren’t bluetooth. You have to charge both the headphones and transmitter. If either one fails, you get no music. Also, with most bluetooth headphones you can control not only the volume, but the track with controls on the headphones. With these you have to physically have the device in hand which is even more cumbersome with the transmitter dangling from it. Finally, most bluetooth headphones let you take calls when paired with your phone. I don’t see the option with these.

The only advantage I see in these headphones is the ability for up to four people with this style of headphones to be able to tune in to the same transmitter. I haven’t owned these, so I can’t comment on fit, comfort, and sound quality from experience, but most reviewers seem to praise them highly in these areas. It’s everything they’re not that keeps me from buying them. I’ll keep my Meelectronics, Klipsch, and Creatives.