SnacDaddy - 2 Pack

Do wings really need their own compartments? PuhLEEEEEEZE!

Nobody has bought one yet… =-(

  1. Yes, I make hot wings at home
  2. Yes, a plate is good enough, but buy 3 anyway.

Invented by the guy who made the deviled egg tray no doubt…

Yeah, I work at midnight and now I’m thinking about getting some delivered. Delicious bad-for-me-ness…

isp? no. life? yes.

I love that cat.

In for three. 1 for me, two for gifts.

Seems like a great gift. Great for Tailgating. Great for trivia night. Just great all around.

In for one set. Come on, you know this would be a great gift for the frat boy on your list!

hahaha, who says silly anymore?

remember that 3 day wootoff :slight_smile: ?

I hope this keeps going & going & going like that damn battery rabbit.

I haven’t gotten anything this wootoff… nothing I really wanted. I would have gotten a zune, but got my NICE brown one on the 22nd… screw em for calling my brown zune powe. I like the one that DOESNT rip off the iPod.

These look like the grossest things. Really.

I’d so buy this if the delicious looking gnawed bones came with it. It seems like a waste of money otherwise.

Some real interesting crap at that Edison’s site…

mmm wings…

If they don’t sell them, you can bet they will be!

who goes to the trouble of putting wings in slots. is this better than a tub??

im in it for the used bones!!! wootastic!!!

Gosh, I thought you were s’posed to flush those things, not stick them in a SnackDaddy and serve them to guests. Woot is very enlightening!

woot has gone to the birds !!