SnacDaddy - 2 Pack

The brown ones are just as good.

Great office xmas gift.

please buy these so we can move on

Friggin Awesome… I love wings… 5.99 is a great price… Lot cheaper than the site…

bring on the crap

Thats the good part…

There in for one!!

You guys are cracking me up. FAIL !

Who’s yer Daddy?..well it’s SnacDaddy of course!

wow, consumer reports does not have good things to say about these wing holders…

truely a foolish woot

that poor sod is probably a millionaire

What’s so wrong with looking at chicken bones anyway? What a pointless invention. Still, I’m in for 3.

This is pretty sweet. These go for $15 a piece on the website and woot is selling them for $6 for two of em. I’d get one if it was close to bbq season

In for 3!

Woot servers.

If the shipping wasn’t so expensive I’d donate a buck to make this damn thing go away! Can I ship the sucker directly to the trash bin?

Video about the Snack Daddy


Stoopid and lame yes, and I’m in for three! Will make great Christmas presents around the office for all those people that watched the program on PBS and figure they are $20.00 retail . . . little do they know I don’t like them $20.00 worth . . . oh wait, now they do.