SnacDaddy - 2 Pack



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SnacDaddy - 2 Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 SnacDaddy Wing Serving Tray (Black)
  • 1 SnacDaddy Wing Serving Tray (Red)

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finally a real nice 2fer… useful linkage has comparison links through and through… whatever that means… well, enjoy.


id buy it if it came with the wings


And just in time for football season. Sort of.


What if I WANT the wings shipped on the tray? C’mon!


I watched the creation on everyday edison on PBS. NICE to have the chance to grab these for the football season. TY WOOT!.

I thought they went with the K for snaK … Looks like I was wrong oh well.


will this go along with the one one


For a second, I thought woot was selling food. It scares me.


I don’t usually diss a Woot!, but two hunks of plastic for $20?

Worst Woot! evah!


Do these fly too ? Maybe useful as a frisbee.


um yeah a good ol plate does the jorb for me. had the wings been included, i may have reconsidered. i second the worst woot movement.


Yukkk! The ones the red trays look like Dog “poopies”…

Interesting Idea though(as far as a wing warmer).


i prefer showing off the pile of bones and crowing my wing-eating prowess.
no tank you.


Seriously… I have something like this and it is awesome.

Bigger issue here is that now I REALLY want some hot wings… time to call Buffalo Wild Wings for some nuclear hot wings!



I think I could make a pretty cool bird feeder out of these…


What in the heck is “everyday edisons”? Anyone?

edit: ah, it’s a show on PBS – apparently these trays were invented by someone on that show.

In any event…fail at this price. It’s still trays. Two for $5 and we are talking.


There is overwhelming evidence that wooters like chicken wings.


So you put the bones in the hole, right? The only hole i see is where the blue cheese is. Do you have to remove the dressing, to dump the bone in the hole? Won’t they just pile up right under the hole? Do you have to shake the whole tray to evenly distribute the discarded bones?