Snake Bouquet


I think this is the one some of the women have been asking for. As an outtie, I think I’ll leave this one alone.


Until I clicked to view closeup I thought it was toilet scrubbers… lol


This looks like a sperm bouquet…


Needs more planes.


kind of mystical, kind of mysterious, kind of strange, kind of don’t know what to think.


Another woot shirt that looks like sperm and/or penises. Great!


too girly


i don’t get it


Oh god snakes scare me. D:


heh, “seed” serpents indeed


I think its artistic…

But not something I would wear…

doesnt speak to me.


Too much of a feminine type shirt from me, but I hope to see some of you other designs. The detail is a nice change, to the usual shirts.


more like SPERM Bouquet


emo gold indeed. JUXTAPOSE SOMETHING DESIRABLE OR BENIGN WITH SOMETHING DANGEROUS!!!111 snake flowers! knives and hearts! guns made of marshmallows!


This looks like a sperm bouquet…

That is exactly what I thought, too funny…


Wow this design isn’t any better than yesterday’s. and the shirt color isn’t very attractive either.


It’s kinda cool, but kinda weird too. I don’t know about this one.


I really like the color palette, and the snake/flower mashup is definitely a cool idea. (If I weren’t currently broke and having far too many shirts, this one would probably be a buy.)


I like the shirt color, but the design is too feminine. This one might be a tough sell.