Snap-On Bluetooth Toggle Switch (2-Pack)

Snap-On Bluetooth Toggle Switch (2-Pack)

All of the reviews on the Amazon page say this DOESN’T support Alexa yet. Has this changed?

I got a 2 pack from another site last week. They arrived yesterday. First one wouldn’t turn on. The second one turned on and easy paired with the smart phone app. It immediately upgraded to a new firmware and I thought to myself that worked nicely. The light switch turned off and on as directed by the app. I must have gotten a dud no big deal. That happens with gadgets. I walked off and came back a few minutes later to set up a schedule and play with it. Went to the app to connect to the device and the app couldn’t find the switch. So I toggled my bluetooth and it still couldn’t connect. Closed the app and still couldn’t find the switch. The only way I could get it to connect was to restart the phone. I checked the reviews of the app and I saw numerous complaints that this is a common problem especially with the most up to date firmware and app. The firmware is 4 months old and so is the app so there doesn’t seem to be any urgency to fix the problem. Needless to say this is going back. If you are still considering the purchase after reading my review consider this the switches are bluetooth only. Meaning you can only control the switch from one device and that device has to be within about 50 feet of the switch. So you cannot turn on a light remotely nor make changes to the schedule from any other device.

Got this the last time it was on woot. Only got 1 (second was refunded). Could not get it set up app could not find the switch. Does not work with Alexa. The box even says Google only.

The app is problematic. If you don’t allow location tracking all the time the response is super slow.
Even with it on it can take 5 seconds to register the switch again after app is closed.

Bluetooth is kind of useless to me in for this application. I am not yet lazy enough that I wouldn’t just get up and turn off the light if I was within bluetooth range of the switch…

On the other hand, if there were something like this that supported MQTT for home automation I would be extremely interested! The Sonoff devices are neat, but retrofitting an existing wall switch and trying to cram everything into the existing box is not ideal.

Does anyone know of a clip on MQTT compatible device like this one?

Since this is the exact same description of the exact same item I ordered in December, I expect you’ll get the same result – you get 1. They said at the time, “We messed up and advertised the SwitchMate Snap-on Smart Switches as being a 2-pack, but it will only come with a quantity of one. We’re sorry!” So I’m unclear if that was a temporary mistake and that you guys are getting two, or if they really weren’t that sorry. Yeah they refund the price difference, but it’s still false advertising that’s not fixed yet.

IMPORTANT FYI: These fit ROCKER type switches and NOT TOGGLE switches. They do arrive in a box marked TOGGLE and with the corresponding model number and package graphics.