Snap-On Knife & Sharpener Combo Pack

just got some the other day when they were offered. good blade, a little short, but certainly usable. the sharpener worked like a charm on my old knife that was worn to little more than "screwdriver usable’. not the best edge, but it cuts again.

In for 3.

Going in the tool box and 1 for my neighbor bud.

Snap-On tools for $10? That must be a 90% discount over the normal price.

$24.99 @ Amazon.

think it might be sharp enough to end my misery with this woot off??

I got 3. I’ve been looking for a new sharpening tool and knives as well and the price was right. Plus, I’m a sucker for the shade of red the knives are and the lanyard hook will come in handy.

How did you get that ludicrous percentage? $10 is 40% of $25 making this 60% off.

I got one of these last time. It’s just OK.

If you know snap-on, you would know its a joke about how expensive all snap-on tools are.

I’d be in if that over-sized lanyard hole were a bottle opener.

What did Woot use to get the knife out of the packaging?

Probably a SOG.

No To Snap-On… Today the Snap-On Tool truck driver in my area threw a small dog out of his truck and keep on going… I rescued it. I can think of a few ways to show that guy how I would use his snap-on tools!

Maybe it was trying to kill him?

My BF has one of these and he really likes his. He said the blade is really sharp and it’s good quality.

I got a knife, flashlight…smaller flashlight package for christmas a few years ago. The flashlights…eh, but the knife has gotten lots of use and still razor sharp.

that’s what I thought too, still in for 1

First off let me say, this is just a licensed product. This knife is NOT made by Snap-on Tools.

This is like going to Costco and buying the"Snap-on" power washer. If you call Snap-on to try to warranty this they are going to refer you back to where you purchased it.

To szuccon1, if you really knew Snap-on you would know exactly why the tools are so expensive. Besides the Bluepoint line, all the tools that carry the Snap-on name are made in the USA.

To mowudwnif, if that really happened, I would suggest you call the customer care center, even if you didnt catch the name of the driver on the side of his truck you can tell the agent that answers where you saw this, and they can track down who the driver was and make his business manager aware of what happened.

I’ve got a ton of old kitchen knives that my wife had when we got married. I figure with this I can put a new edge on them and give them to people who are trying to learn how to cook instead of buying premade food.

Its a joke dude. And I think americans are perfectly capable of making poor quality tools.