Snap Sights 35mm Waterproof Camera




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for the avid snorkel photo enthusiast.


35mm FILM camera???



this is a piece of crap…it leaks and the pictures are always blurry…do not buy…


it probebly costs more to make it, why not?


Before some idiot asks, there is NO PODCAST on SATURDAY and SUNDAY


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Snap Sights 35mm Waterproof Camera
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Snap Sights SS01 Flash 35mm Waterproof Camera


Does it work like SCUBA? Thanks … nighty-night!


I didn’t know they made 35mm cameras any more.


really, am i missing something here? 35mm?


highly dissappointed in this woot… oh well… i’ve had bad experiences with these so-called “waterproof” cameras… so… i’m not with it… instead check out…

BizRate’s Digital Camera Buying Guide for tips and tricks and whatever else BizRate thinks is cool. I’d much rather have a good digital than a waterproof whatever… obviously… enjoy that.


Isnt this exactly how Jacques Cousteau got started?


Got this on a criuse ship it was $15 bux… An okay deal I guess…



perhaps i could use it with my pentium 2 running windows 98

this thing’s a dinosaur


People seriously still use 35mm? I thought it was dead.


Anyone who is going to seriously want to take pictures underwater would be advised to get a much better camera than this. I guess the target market, then, is “impulse scuba photographers” – hence they should sell this at the scuba shop, not on woot.


These work great in the tub for those romantic moments.


They don’t! :slight_smile:


i have one of these, they don’t take good pictures unless you’re 2-5 feet away from the object in the water, I bought it on a cruise ship for 15 bucks