SnapBagger SnapRake Combo



White pants after labor day?


Seems like a very useful product.


Don’t most folks use the brown paper leaf bags these days? That’s what every single big box store in American seems to push and that’s what I see out in front of most homes. Am I a gargantuan eco silly for not using some fanceh biodegradable expensive plastic bag?


I bagged 16 bags worth yesterday in clear plastic…my city won’t accept anything else.


I just wait for a windy day, and all my leaves blow into the neighbours yard. It happened again last night, not a leaf left in the backyard, so this is 25 bucks I can squander elseware


This thing actually works really well. I was skeptical, but like many my town requires leaves to be placed into clear bags for pick up. I picked it up during the last go-round and am not disappointed.

It’s easy to assemble, use, and store. Well worth the $$$ as it includes the little scooper rake. :slight_smile: