Snapware 22-Piece Storage Set

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Snapware 22-Piece Storage Set
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If I remember correctly I got one of these sets for my wife a couple weeks back. She loves them. one minor issue, the tops are NOT microwave safe, but who wants a top in the nuker?

These also do NOT nest inside eachother. Otherwise are great if you have room.

Different set, different manufacturer, different sizes then the set from a week or two ago. This set has bigger sizes and cost less. not sure which one is the best quality

Quality isn’t great. The Snapware I’ve bought previously don’t hold up like the Lock n Lock containers I also bought on Woot, both over a year ago. The Snapware is more likely to be permanently stained or harder to clean, and the side snaps break off easily as well.

I have several different sizes of these having purchased most individually. I really like them. If I recall correctly they were rated by someone–Cooks Illustrated or Good Housekeeping as being good. Mine are several years old and are as good as new and I I wash them in the dishwasher

I had a similar set - not sure of the brand name. My only problem was getting all 4 sides of the storage container UNlocked. Those things are strong.

Country of manufacture, please.

[MOD: Per Features, USA]

Snapware® Airtight Plastic Food Containers are 100% airtight and leak-proof
Their easy open-and-close four latch lid keeps food fresh
And its stackable design is convenient and space-saving
Remove and wash gasket before use to optimize seal
Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe
BPA-free polypropylene container and lid
Made in the USA
22-Piece Set Includes:

(3) 1.25 Cup Square Containers with Lids
(2) 2 Cup Rectangular Containers with Lids
(2) 2.8 Cup Square Containers with Lids
(2) 4.5 Cup Rectangular Containers with Lids
(1) 4.7 Cup Rectangular Containers with Lid
(1) 10.8 Cup Rectangular Container with Lid
Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 90 Days World Kitchen

I think this is the set:

@ about double the final cost on the mother ship. Decent reviews there. We have a similar set of Snapware that we like and have been slowly upgrading from Gladware. The lids can be tough for my wife to close (which makes me feel useful!), but otherwise we really like Snapware.

LOVE Snapware! They are Made in the USA, they are high quality and truly water tight! I bought my Mom a set and she said customer service was “delightfully nice and helpful”. They also told us Snapware is guaranteed for life, any problems you just call and they send you a new container. Highly recommend these as Lock and Lock (now made in China) now are very poor quality. In for two more sets of Snapware! Thanks

P.S. My Mom has Arthritis and these are easy for her to open and close!

These are all plastic correct?


BPA-free polypropylene container and lid

No way are they getting the top snapped on the cinnamon sticks…

You really only need to unlock 3 sides and then it.

I have a set of these and while they don’t all nest, you can certainly put some of the smaller ones in the big containers to save some space.

While you can microwave it, the top can warp from the heat but will still fit securely. I’ve also damaged the plastic when the food got really hot.

Great set for the price! Eventually, yes, they do stain a little if you use a lot of red sauce storage and sometimes only two or three snaps work, but they keep the seal. I am pleased for the price and I prefer plastic to glass for I would certainly break the glass somehow. :wink: