Snapware 3-Piece Glass Canister Set

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Does it come with the party mix??

Mine didn’t…but they were really nice, aside from no party mix.

Did you find them to be pretty airtight?

Have these…they work great! And they fit in the cabinets…probably in for another set.

Yes. And much nicer (sturdier, etc.) than I expected for the price. Recommend, even before you add the party mix.

What is the country of origin?

Did my woot-off duty - in for three!

Hahaha ma man! Washington State is investing in a whole lotta airtight jars to keep their…goodies fresh. Enjoy man, wish I was there.

Not made in the USA. ‘Imported’ is the most descriptive I can find.

Got my set yesterday and immediately threw some water in it, flipped it, and gave it a shake. No water came out, so good enough for me!