Snapware 3-Piece Glass Canister Set



Have several sets of these…use them for chips, cereal, crackers, candy, nuts…all kinds of stuff. They work great and fit in the cabinets…what more could you want?

Highly recommend…


… Relevant.



Wow, a 3 piece set that still counts the container and lid together as 1 piece. Not like those other shyster container companies.


You better put “snacks not included” or some stick in the mud lawyer might come after you like an 11" subway sandwich!




Heh. Nice. Just in case anybody is confused…


Love these. Great for my arthritic mom. The lids open easily with one finger and snaps back airtight just as easily. The glass containers are very easy to clean, and the lids aren’t too hard to clean either, although there are some crevices. The silicone seal comes out easily for cleaning. Although meant for dry foods, I’ve also used them for soups. My biggest criticism is the rounded dome lid. Although it looks nice, the rounded shape won’t allow you to stack anything above. When refrigerator space is at a premium, stacking is common.

Love them so much, I just ordered 3 more sets.


The largest container is usually used to make homemade yogurt. Simply fill the container with warm milk and put in a few tablespoons of plain yogurt as starter. Then snap tight the container and put in a warm area. The top of my cable box was warm enough in the past but the biggest Snapware container is too large to warm with such little heat so I use a heating pad. Simply wrap the container with the pad and turn on low. In about 8-15 hours, you’ll have a canister of gooey yogurt. The longer you wait, the thicker and tangier the yogurt. You can strain it for a thicker creamier Greek style yogurt. Don’t waste the liquid whey. A Scandinavian study showed that it has health benefits, including fighting diabetes.

The yogurt tastes great with jam and fresh fruits, or diluted with milk for a smoothie.

You can save a few tablespoons of this homemade yogurt as starter for the next batch. This should work for a few generations before the cultures become too weak to continue.

PS - many recipes recommend that you sterilize the container first. I’m too lazy to do so, but if you do, simply pour boiling water over the canister and lid.


I bought 3 sets of these when they were $13.99, another 3 sets when the price dropped to $10, and i just sold my soul for 3 more sets. They clean easily. Only caveat is the rounded lids which prevent stacking. Much like the bodies, I am running out of places to hide these…


just to clarify, when you bought them before was it 13.99 and 10 bucks for 3 jars and lids just like this before? So this is the best price you’ve ever seen for this?


Thanks…I was wondering if they stacked, I didn’t think so but glad you confirmed. But for the price…what to do what to do. I have several birds so these would be good to store all their dry foods but counter / closet space is an issue.


I only wish the largest canister held a 5 lb bag of flour—it doesn’t. They are still the best containers I have found. I have 2 sets, and tempted to get another. (it’s so comforting to know there are other “canister nuts” out there!)


I don’t know if these are actually air tight but they do seal very well and without much effort (no burping required :-}. I have a dog treat container (basically the large one offered here, but with black paw prints all over it) and it seals well. We did get ants in the pantry and it kept them out.

EDIT: (I just read that as “ants in the pants”, LOL)


Every time I buy these, my wife says “can we get more?”

These are perfect for storing flour, sugar, etc.


ABSOLUTELY. I got them first when they were $13.99 and thought it was a bargain even then (since I already paid $5 shipping for something else that day). If you look elsewhere, i.e. Amazon, you’ll probably see that just one container will cost more than $6.99.



I have been baking my own bread instead of buying that store bought stuff, and have been amassing a collection of potato flour, oats, wheat berries, powdered milk, etc. etc. etc. and my canister collection was starting to get a little pricey. IN for 3!!

Now with the money I saved on this deal, I’m going to hop on over to wine.woot and snag 3 of those chocolate winey balls.

It’s like Wootopia today.


I bought these last time they were on here at about $10 for the set. They’re easy to clean and are perfectly sized for storing bird seed, treats and pellets for my cockatiel. They are great for storage for any small animal’s food and supplies.


I had bought these a couple weeks ago for $11 a set. Wish I would have waited :frowning:


Holy Cow, $25.37 per set over on Amazon (but hey, free shipping over $25)…So I’m in for 3 sets here!
I’m also running out of places to hide all the knives, Pyrex sets (arrived yesterday) and now these canisters until next Christmas for gifts…poor me huh?