Snapware Airtight 26pc Kitchen Storage Set

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Snapware Airtight 26pc Kitchen Storage Set
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Time to learn all about Snapware

I am a die-hard Lock-n-Lock fan. Convince me to buy these instead. Not keen on the 4 ounce purple ones, but I do like that these all (allegedly) fit into the bigger container. What else?

Reviews on a larger set over at Amazon

Me. Too.

I love my Lock n Lock which I bought from Woot. These don’t have great reviews over on Amazon. I have never had a lock break and I use my LnL daily. I hope some Lock n Locks pop up on Woot so I can get some more.

me three

We have snapware and love them. Not had any break in the 5+ yrs.

I vote don’t buy. I bought a set of Snapware from a previous Woot & they all leak. They are not watertight like my Lock n’ Locks. Don’t know if they’ve improved.

Me, too. I fondly remember the great L and L sets, and wonder when the drought will end.
Mediocre reviews for Snapware; I certainly would not buy. Holding out for the LandL.

don’t buy. Hold out for the good stuff, the LandL.

“B for bananas, as long as their ripe.”

The grammar nszi says no!

Watertight is definitely needed. I use them to keep food dry in the cooler while camping.

Typo fixed. Thanks!

another lock n lock fan here

I have the snapware with the clear lids and blue gaskets. Do these match in size and stackability or would they be 2 completely different sets?

I came here to say that these are inferior to Lock & Lock but I see others beat me to it.
I have both and the Snapware breaks easily and I often struggle to get them to close/seal.
STILL waiting for L&L to come back to Woot, but when it does, I’ll have to click that “buy” button fast so they don’t sell out!

I used to be a die-hard Snapware fan. I like everything about them except the fact that they stain when used to store certain types of food; i.e., lasagna and other tomato based dishes. I recently bought the Sterilite containers on Woot and the haven’t showed any signs of staining. Overall, not a lot of difference between these and Lock 'n Lock-both good storage containers.

Like several of you, I was hoping this set would be comparable to L&L.

Add me to the list of people who would love to see the L&L sets come back. I’ve searched high and low.