Snapware Glasslock Oven Safe 18pc Set

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Snapware Glasslock Oven Safe 18pc Set
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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I actually have this set. They are great. For the price, even better. I had some knock off’s before they cracked in the microwave. These have yet to show any wear after about 6 months with em. They snap just as good as they did the first day.

Anyone know what KIND of glass this is? Tempered flint? Borosilicate?

Glass and heat makes me nervous!

(Borosilicate and heat does not, though.)


Amazon comments are hit and miss, check it out if you want to:

I have a lot of Lock n Lock tupperware and I love the lids.

Does anybody know if these lids lock as nicely?

Its glass, Don’t leave it in the microwave for 45 minutes… It gets the job done if you want to warm up some food from the fridge. I have never left these guys in the microwave for more than 4 minutes. Then again my microwave only needs 2 to warm up food.

only one review, but very thorough.

4 stars

Ovenware? We don’t need no stinkin’ ovenware! Where have you gone, Joe Wootmagio? I want my old woot back :frowning:

I feel your pain…, late night, pyrex, and microwave…wasnt pretty!

How do these compare to pyrex sets? I have a cheap walmart set but I think I need to upgrade considering that the walmart ones melt in the microwave.

nature, nature, nature.

Here are a couple video demos, one from snapware, the other is a salepitch.

Videos are just for demonstration of features, not necessarily to show what kind of glassware you will be getting.

Also, at 1:38 in the second video the pitchman shows you a video of himself playing in his pocket. :wink:

Shouldn’t that either say “definitely be going” or “definitely go”?

I read the Amazon reviews. It seems a lot of people are really ignorant in the kitchen. Most of the glass shattering stories, I could tell why it shattered just as I was reading the review by which they blamed the manufacturing instead of realizing that they broke the pieces themselves.

  1. Never take glass (any glass) that you heat in the oven or microwave, and then put it on another piece of glass (glass top stoves, for example). Causes uneven heat changes, and will cause the glass to explode. Only place them on things like wood or kitchen towels or pot holders.

  2. Never take a hot piece of glass and then stuff it in the fridge or into the sink. Again, sudden shifts in temperature will cause them to explode.

  3. If you’re going to use them in the oven, don’t put them directly on the rack. Put them on a cookie sheet. Again, you’re creating inconsistent heat zones within the glass.

  4. If you find air bubbles in the glass upon receiving them, send them back for replacements

Science: It works, ninjas.

Anyhow, I’m in for 3.

Damn… I was close to buying two sets, but when I see a ton of 1-star reviews WHERE THE GLASS EXPLODES WHEN HEATING OR COOLING I think I will have to pass.

Sure, quick temperature changes cause stress and can have explosive results. But I have been using Pyrex for years, and the only time I had one explode was when I accidentally turned a stove burner on under it (whoops, wrong dial). No other issues at all.

I don’t trust this glass if it shards easily and commonly has flaws that promote uneven heat distribution.


Scavenger hunt time, for those who have them… Where are they made in? There’s a debate on a VERY nice person’s G+ page about whether they were made in China or not (I guess anywhere offshore would still fit his thought pattern).

Does anyone know?

Is your Pyrex new or old? Is it the European version (sold under the Arc International brand) or the American version? If it’s old or European, it’s using a borosilicate glass, which is infinitely more durable and accepting of abuse. It has a higher thermal expansion ability. If it’s the American version…congratulations, it’s the exact same glass as these are.

Pictures clearly show made in Korea. What do I win?

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