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We had some Snapware up not too long ago! Owners, please feel free to check in and extol the virtues (or not) of this brand!


I know this item was listed last week. Does anyone remember how much it was?


How many cupcakes does the cupcake carrier hold?


Our buyer is on the spot with this answer. It will hold 24 cupcakes.


Do the jelly beans come with the set? Because that may just seal the deal…


I bought the set last week and it was $24.99 (including $5 shipping) - so today it’s 1cent higher :slight_smile:

Got to say I’m pleased with them - the sizes are just right for my needs. Also, in unpacking I accidently dropped one on the linoleum floor and there was no damage to the lid, container (or the floor).


Thank you!


This site has lots of good reviews for the Cookie & Cupcake Carrier. In for two!


Please get just the Jellybeans. That’s an offer (priced well) I’d jump all over :wink:


I have to buy this just because the picture has skittles* in them.

edit: (gee thanks wootbot filter…) *delicious colored fruit-flavored candy


I have the egg holder, and it works great, absolutely love it. I like the handle on top, and the little trays come out for easy washing. Fits 1 dozen eggs cut in half (or, 24 half-eggs).

Way easier and better than trying to put plastic wrap over the top of a plate (even if the plate has little egg-divets in it). I make deviled eggs by putting the halves in the container then put the filling inside after they’re all in place.

That said, my toddler got ahold of it and broke one of the snaps on the side (not the actual snap arm, she broke the part where the hook is attached to the body of the holder) so it sortof snaps now but not strong enough to hold weight on it. I don’t think this would have happened with normal use, but if you have a child who doesn’t know how to operate the snaps and gets into your stuff, maybe tape it closed or put it in the back of the cupboard or something. I put that tray on the bottom so it hasn’t affected the usability of the carrier at all


Anyone know if the glass storage containers are freezer safe?


great question. can someone help out?
went to the snapware site but none of the glass containers say freezer safe. “shatter-resistant” is all i find.


I just got my order of the glass containers from last week’s Woot, and the box says they’re freezer safe, in addition to dishwashwer & microwave-safe.


Thanks! That was the deciding factor.


Now, if someone can fix the server error on the buy page I’ll have everything I want from this wootoff!


Maybe only post this week. From last woot, I modified the post for the 18 piece oven glassware set:

[QUOTE=whatsamattaU, post:24, topic:362486]
Sorry, this may be the only time I can make a comment for at least the rest of this week.

First, the question of Snapware glass. Likely soda lime glass (“tempered”), but this article has flaws, such as saying you can’t stick Snapware in the oven (this model can):

and Snapware says it’s tempered glass:

Greshmag commented last woot
that these are made in Korea, but I can’t figure out how if he’s looking at the woot pictures:

Regardless, you have the warnings from snapware on care:

Consumer Reports had their own study of the issue in January 2011, but the link is for subscribers only (there are more parts to the article, I’m just linking to the test):

They wanted to test beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations baking with sand inside for 80 minutes.

The upshot of testing U.S. Anchor Oven Basics and Pyrex soda lime glass is that at 400 and 450 degrees, they all shattered when put on the wet counter. Only one of the European borosilicate dishes broke–the Arcusine Elegance (France), being baked twice.

At 500 degrees, all of the European borosilicate broke (European Pyrex Classic and Arcusine), but a really old American Pyrex borosilicate survived even 500 degrees.

Two American Pyrex broke being put on a smoothtop range from the oven, the other 3 didn’t break, and did okay moving to dry granite.

Two last caveats. Tempered soda lime glass did show the highest impact resistance, but it varied in ability among the dishes (and in theory, tempered glass isn’t supposed to break into sharp shards, but I’ve read enough stories about shattering that I’m not so sure on that one).

The local news version of the Consumer Reports review with video of the shattering:

Finally, Consumer Reports’ longer safety tips:
"To minimize the chances of glass bakeware shattering, read and save the safety instructions on the product’s packaging. Here are some safety rules to follow:

Always place hot glassware on a dry, cloth potholder or towel.
Never put glassware directly on a burner or under a broiler.
Always allow the oven to fully preheat before placing the glassware in the oven.
Always cover the bottom of the dish with liquid before cooking meat or vegetables.
Don’t add liquid to hot glassware.
If you’re using the dish in a microwave, do not use browning elements, and avoid overheating oil or butter.
Do not take dishes directly from the freezer to the oven or vice versa.
Never place hot glassware on top of a stove, on a metal trivet, on a damp towel, in the sink, on a cold or wet surface, or directly on a countertop.
Inspect your dishes for chips, cracks, and scratches. Discard dishes with such damage.
To avoid risks associated with glass dishes, consider using metal bakeware for conventional and convection ovens."

I’d add that it sounds like have liquid at the bottom of the glass container when cooking (vs. “dry”) if possible, someone commented (I don’t recall if here or Amazon).

I’d comment on the pyrex sales link, with similar discussion, but I’m out of time:

CowboyDann put up sales videos:

Upshot: If you don’t get broken or defective ones (main concern of several after the sale–see previous woot linked above), they seal well although silicone seal may break down from frequent use (seal maybe only two opposing sides) and may be too tight for some.

There are stories of spontaneous breakage like with the Pyrex, but I don’t know what percentage, since more have commented how much they like the dishes and they don’t break. The others who had them break allowed the temperature to shift too much (“thermal shock”) and apparently one of the reviews (I’ve lost track) even suggested Corningware may be better for the oven (from a Pyrex rep). The microwave doesn’t sound like a guarantee either, but much less likely to break, and probably the safest place to rest them is likely a cloth potholder(?).

My question in return to the moderators. One of the reasons I haven’t bought a TV, glassware, etc., is the concerns of the packaging (like the 4 who posted at the end of the last woot for the glassware). Can we be assured that the glassware will be better packed this time? It’s not like everyone said their glassware broke, but the theme I saw was one box inside another with no packing in between. If I saw more reassurance on the packing of the fragile stuff (I’d even pay a little more for safer shipping), I’d more likely buy fragile woot stuff. I’d rather wait 2 weeks for a product than take the chance I might have to ship it back. Sorry for being so long, have to go back to work.


I just checked the box and agree - freezer safe


Glass or porcelain container, which one would you use to store food?