Snazzos iPhone 5 & iPad mini Cases

the multi-colored cases for the iphone 5 are ugly. surely an adult wouldn’t want one of these?

Please show the bottom cases flipped open. How are the iphones held in place? clips, straps? COME ON! Simply details need to be revealed in simple photos

We didn’t get samples of these but I did find another picture on the Snazzo site:


Just wondering are these any different from the ones that are sold on eBay? They look like the ones that sell for 6.99.

I have one of those $7.99 w/free shipping cases from ebay for my Mini and it is a seriously great case. My wife uses the built in stand all the time and it provides good protection.

I had a really bad experience with the a clip-in case marring the outside of my phone along the edges. I don’t know about iPhones. It was an HD7S. I’ve since upgraded, and am leery of buying another. Disappointing, because I really liked the look.

I just got a hold of my order for the snazzo rotating ipad mini case black. Completely disappointed, the case will not even stay up!!! Poor design and just keeps falling back everytime i prop it up. Dont buys this . I want refund

I’m very sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your purchase.
We recommend that you contact Snazzos Customer Care to see if they can help remedy the situation.

If they’re unable to help you, please also feel free to email into Woot Member Services at
They’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your order.