Sniffing Glue

Was this from a derby?

LOVE IT. I got one. Yes, I grew up in the 80’s.

I thought it was awesome…i wouldnt wear it now that i’ve given it thought, but it’s definitely a cool design. maybe without the wings…i dunno. not for me but still a badass drawing.


Women who might be pregnant should not order this t-shirt.

Yea…I would buy this if I am sniffing glue…

In for 1!!!

i guess no one else grew up skateboarding…

My kids have been glued to my side since I’ve been working trades out on my random shirts and when this came up, the following was heard in the room:

Son: WHOA! Oh yes.
Wife: No. Absolutely not.

Wife wins, of course. Just a little too intense.

Hahaha, touché.

This shirt is one of the best I’ve seen come across Woot. Ever. This shirt, like Jesus, is f’ing metal. In for two.

LOL… did no one else notice this?

I don’t get the “sniffing glue” reference.

This shirt…

is EPIC. Everything ABOUT this shirt is epic, just LOOK at it!

I flung out my wallet like a sharpshooter a second ago to get this. I don’t know why, but I’m in love.

wow, the metalocalypse fan inside of me is screaming to buy this… its got to be worth my ten bucks…but then the band manager inside of me is saying…no…youre poor…poor isnt metal…but this shirt…is metal…and epic…i like epic things…epic is metal…me have hard time break things must work brain, me tear own head off!

This is an awesome design sure beats the shirts I see here most of the time. Out of the 30 plus t-shirts in my closet, this will be the only one that doesn’t say Insane Clown Posse on it. I hope it doesn’t get scared of wicked clowns… LOL…

the 80’s metal side of me won.

in for 1

This is too girly. Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s shirt.

“…dead weasels…!” Gotta love those Woot filters! The shirt, though, not as much. Cool design, just not for me and mine. Hope it sells well for the designer, though. :slight_smile:

No… this was a random daily submission mailed into woot.

My love for you is like a truck,