Snooze Lover



Sniggering probably best describes my reaction. Not quite Muttley levels but close…


This shirt has me written all over it. LOVE!


I’m no expert but I’ve been reading most of my life and I think it has “I’m amazing in bed (I can sleep for days}” written all over it lordbowen. HTH


This shirt is the “BOMB”. LOVE IT!


Whats the point in offering AA when you are always out of half the sizes? Its not like you are using unique once only use colours…


I bought a way better version of this shirt in late 90’s at a vintage clothing shop, but, “I’m great in bed…” This version is just a lame redux


Why is this not a nightgown?


This shirt rings with so much truth, that it’s hurting my head.


Great shirt-but $5 S&H for a $7 shirt plus tax? You’re kidding right? No? Ok, then I’ll buy it elsewhere-okthanksbye


Woot shirts were $12 – now, $5 goes to shipping, and that covers all shirts you buy today (for $7), plus any other woot items. I want to say this is explained somewhere, but I can’t find it either.


I don’t know how I am going to resist buying this. Love it!


You can read about it in the blog post here. I kinda think they don’t want to pay our prices anyway though.


I’d just like it if they had tanks in sizes other than small and medium.


There’s a separate AA entry for a WL.


What? No unisex tank? So, laziness is only sexy for women? I was going to wear this to the gym!!


Buy t-shirt. Use scissors.