Reminds me of the “rub your belly and pat your head” move.

That’s a hard life… having to both be the alarm and the awakened. The poor thing can never rest.

Ugh… Thanks for reminding me that I stayed up way too late again.

The snooze button is evil! It will make you late for work. :frowning:

This would make an excellent night shirt!

I like the watch. Viva la analog!

For whatever reason, I see “SNOOZE” as the most awkward looking word in the English language.

am i missing something?

my 5 year old could make a better shirt

yo dawg…

Where do I find an alarm clock like this? Unlike this alarm, my alarm gladly boasts and preens about each morning, with neither the regret or chagrin of the clock depicted in this shirt.

What a diamond in the rough!

I prefer the [url=]Top Gear Stig alarm clock at DealWoot. Much cooler.

How sad for the poor thing. In order to make the noises in it’s head stop, it must hit itself in the head.

I imagine when it blinks 12:00am things only get worse.

Why you be hatin man?

The best part is the fact that he’s wearing an analog… too bad the times shown on the alarm clock and watch don’t match up.

Why is it that my alarm clock’s snooze button only lets me sleep for 9 minutes extra? That bothers me that it isn’t an increment of 5 or 10! Why, alarm clock? Why?!

This is so me whenever I set an alarm. I have to have a loud clock and the thing has to be at least 10 feet from me and still that snooze button gets hit over and over.

I am a heavy user of the snooze button, but if I bought this t-shirt, I’d have to draw in an extra red line to make the 5 into a 9. Otherwise, everyone I know would be like, “When was the last time you got up at 5am? Five years ago? Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

True the watch appears to say 8:15, but more likely it says 5:00 and was just rotated clockwise 90 degrees for some reason. Either way, I bet you every time he goes off, he plays “I Got You Babe”…no wonder he’s sick of it!

Came over here to say just that. 9 minutes? What’s the basis? Although my new cell phone with its mandatory 5 minute snooze is even worse. That 5 minutes is the time I spend dreading when it’s gonna go off again, which leaves no time to actually snooze.