Snorkeling Gear for New Atlantis



Have you ever been snorkeling? Sounds like fun…


So now New Jersey is officially New Atlantis?

Too soon, woot, too soon!


Woot, you tease, you show a nice dive knife, I need a new dive knife, yet when I look you are not selling a dive knife.

Maybe next time you will have dive knives?


We do have a dive knife, but only as part of the Persistent Pro Fin Set.


They are selling the displayed knife within the Pro Fin Set, (knife can also be seen in more detail here). But Im guessing you dont want the whole set.

Also, i would not recommend the displayed type of snorkel. As soon as any liquid, including surrounding water, water condensation, or your own drool accumulates at the bottom of the snorkel tube, you will have a very hard time purging it. Save a bit of $ and buy a snorkel with a purge valve at the bottom (one-way valve that uses an air burst to eject pooled liquid from the snorkel) and a float that seals the top vent when submerged. An example can be seen here although I am sure cheaper ones abound.

If you’re cheap, then fire away, but if you’re really wanting a good experience under the water, go for a more tech savvy snorkel.

I know nothing about the fins so that’s all for today!


whoops. You go staff.


J. Iki jime


As a long time snorkle aficionado, I offer a counterpoint. The less stuff on a snorkle the better. No moving parts means nothing can go wrong.


I just started snorkeling this past summer, no where exotic just local waters. It’s still awesome.


The apparent deficiencies of the snorkel makes me doubt the overall quality of this set. Not a fan of ball valves, though…top baffles & a purge valve work for me. Never heard of the brand, anyway.

For casual resort snorkeling, something like this: might be a better deal. You don’t need to pack fins with 2 foot blades, & if you tear the molded foot pocket, they’re trash. Straps let you adjust to fit, and are replaceable. A dive knife for this type of snorkeling is just silly.

Again, if casual beach use is what you’ll do, the packages they have at Sam’s, big-box sporting goods stores, etc. these days are actually fairly decent for the money (if they have any on hand this time of year). Real scuba gear is usually higher quality and holds up better, of course (I have fins that are years old and still perfectly serviceable), but is considerably more expensive.


ooOOooooOOO! I can pretend I’m Lloyd Bridges in my frozen lake!


why is there no woman’s size for the fins…
Too bad, otherwise I could use a set…


Thanks for the huge break down on dry snorkels with dry valves, but I have one already. For people that are thinking about it this person knows what they are talking about, get the dry snorkel because it only takes one rouge wave to ruin your day.

FYI: I’m a SCUBA diver so I’m not looking at the rest of the gear, I’m just in the market for a new knife with a line cutter.


Very intrigued in buying a couple of these pro sets…however, it appears that by living in NYS, it is restricted to ship to nearly every zip code.


I know Kershaw has several dive knives, Amphibian and the Sea Hunter, with the latter equipped with a line cutter. I know Kershaw isn’t a big name with dive knives, but Woot seems to have an agreement with Kershaw to sell some of their knives. So hopefully you see them soon!

It also appears that half of the NE is recovering from floodwater right now too. I hope all you guys are doin’ alright up there!


I did some research, and this company is fairly new. But all of the equipment was designed by a well-respected spear fisherman, Pipin Ferreras. Apparently this is his line of stuff.


those fins are ridiculously large. You will get cramps on your legs after 5 min. They are made for getting down to 60 ft in a few strong strokes, so you go make your kill and come back up, all in one breath.


This is freediving gear. Freedivers don’t want purge valves and goofy split fin designs. They want hydrodynamic gear that will allow them to flow through the water with the most minimal of efforts.

I will say that the fins are your basic entry level freedive fins but are superior to pretty much any scuba fin out there. They won’t cramp your calf if you kick with them properly. If you get these you’re air consumption will seriously decrease. Think about it freedivers don’t have a tank strapped to their back and want to save that lungful of air, fins that burn o2 are not ideal.

Anyhow if you’re looking to try freediving this should be a decent set.