Snow Angel Particle

I absolutely agree! Seems like the winter/snow shirt should at least be on a long sleeve shirt. I would totally buy it if they had that option!

19 days to deliver a shirt that I ordered on Nov 8? (And that’s assuming it’s delivered on the day you say it is, Nov 27.).

What’s the word I’m looking for??? Oh yeah! FAIL!

Seriously, if you’re going to peddle a shirt that is obviously meant for Thanksgiving (“It rose from the gravy”), then peddle it around Labor Day. Otherwise don’t bother.

Well do be sure to keep us posted ( would be the place) if it doesn’t arrive when it says it’s supposed to.

In the meantime, let’s get back on topic with this cute shirt! :slight_smile:

This reminds me of the weird gaps in our knowledge of physics. Until a few years ago no-one could answer why is ice slippery?

Congrats Chris, great redesign!

It doesn’t make sense. If the three people on the outside are meant to be electrons, then the one person in the middle should actually be seven people to correctly represent the number of protons and neutrons found in that element (which I would guess is probably lithium).

Lithium was indeed my reference in designing this shirt. I just liked the idea of children skating in the form of an atom. I didn’t expect any outrage towards me using a single fat kid as the nucleus. Then I realized that this is Woot and there is always outrage. :slight_smile:

See yesterday’s shirt.

And if anyone REALLY wants to get technical, then really the electrons shouldn’t be represented as discrete children, but should instead be exploded bits of children equally distributed around the fat kid.

Somehow I don’t think the cuteness factor would be quite the same.

I’m glad you have the scientific inspiration serving the idea rather than driving it Chris. It’s a beautiful visual ‘moment’ that uses the shirt colour really well.

That would be H²⁻. Although this board doesn’t do [sup] it does support Unicode.

Randy lay there like a slug. It was his only defense.


I ordered this within a nanosecond of seeing it; I only wear my woot shirts during the cold weather months. Now if I could only buy the Predator!!!

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which once again proves that when wooters say “omg i luvs teh sciencez and geekiness ermahgerd” they really mean “I love pedantry and terrible execution, but give me something which tries to execute a CONCEPT and DESIGN, and I dunno, couldn’t you just give me another catchphrase spelled in mathematic and scientific notations?”