Snow Blaster 13-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

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Snow Blaster 13-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower
Price: $99.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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This new one at Home Depot looks awfully close…

New for the same price-I see it sold out recently though. I did see it in stock last week.

the timing is funny

Just what I need, here in AZ, to blow away all of this Nasty Sunshine from my yard!


there is NO single stage snowthrower that’s worth the effort. by the time you have enough snow to “throw”, the single stage is overmatched. If you live in snow country, two-stage. If you get occasional snow, and have a small area the light weight and maneuverability of a snow broom or trimmer-snow brush attachment seems easier.

Not true. Ever try a Toro single-stage blower? I get a trace to 8" and it blows my driveway and side walks without a struggle. Electric ones will struggle, yes. But get a gas single-stage TORO and you’ll be happy :slight_smile:

I have both. I have a single-stage for the light 1-4" snowfalls and a dual-stage for the heavy snowfalls. My dual-stage is an Estate 828 that I picked up from my parent’s neighbor a few years ago. It clears 28" with an 8HP Briggs. Eletric Start, 6 speeds, headlight, you name it.

There is nothing wrong with having both, they can each be beneficial.

I bought this exact Woot! several weeks ago. It performed very well in the 8-10" of snow I got from Juno and the few inches of wet snow the week before. Any more than that and I’d recommend going out and blowing a couple times before it gets too deep. Great value for $100.

I have a Toro brand 15 amp one I got on woot a couple years ago and just used it yesterday after the blizzard to clear like 20-30" of snow on my side walk. Sure it’s not as fast and easy as the gas powered one I’ve used at work but it was way better than shoveling.

just used this in Pa. blizzard of 2015 got hammered with 10 inch of snow and this was awesome we adjusted the chute to blow where it was supposed to it worked liked a charm well worth the money so glad we got it the first buy out!!!

I have both and think you’re ill-informed. The Toro electric I bought from Woot is very helpful clearing my back deck,really saves my back.

These are great for light weight snow and for cleaning off decks and such. If you live in an area that gets slammed like New England and plan on clearing your entire driveway, walkway and everything, a 2-stage is always going to be better.

With that being said, the 30" we got yesterday was light but too much to shovel off of my 24’x18’ deck. I would have loved to have this thing yesterday. Seeing me try to get my 29" 10hp 2-stage up the stairs to my deck was hilarious.

I am in Long Island and went to clean up after the storm…
Just opened mine today from the November 16th deal and it is DEAD.
I hope the GODS at WOOT don’t give me a hard time.
Beware Wooters.

It is sold at Menards

been on sale a few times this year for $99-$140

Had one, returned it… only good for 3 inches or so
Maybe you will get the one I returned!

Agreed. I live in the “snowbelt” and use a toro single stage 2400 gts that nearly never bogs down and stalls unless I am driving it into a huge bank of wet snow left by the friendly snow plow driver that likes to plow in our driveway approaches. Even so, if I nibble those areas with the Toro it makes pretty short work of clearing. For dustings I just pull out my handy leaf blower, end of story for 1" of fluff on the sidewalk, steps and cars.

I got one of these new for $105 shipped plus tax from sears this afternoon, and earned $11 in SYWR bucks!