Snow Blaster 13-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

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Snow Blaster 13-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower
Price: $74.99
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Comments from a previous sale

i got a similar model last year, it was the green one, i can’t imagine this is that dissimilar from it. I got to use it today, the snow was light and fluffy, about 5 inches, it actually worked quite well. I was really surprised. I would assume that what has been going on in Boston would be well above what this is capable of handling, but it worked for me.

Can someone from Woot swing by my house and do a two or three hour demo ?

Anyone happen to know the weight on this?

Between uses I am going to have to lug it to and from a shed in the yard as I don’t have a garage.

The R56663 model has good ratings over at the Home Depot website. Finding ANY snow thrower/blower that’s not SOLD OUT after the way it has been here in Northeast Ohio is AWESOME! Thanks WOOT!! I was looking for one and you can’t beat this price.

similar item at home depot says 41 lbs.

This is sold at Menards

it has been on sale a few times this year for $99-$140

Had one, returned it… only good for 3 inches or so of light fluffy snow
Maybe you will get the one I returned!

Single stage snow blowers work decent on powdery snow. If you expect to have substantial depth or wet snow, go for a two stage.

I have the greenworks model that was sold here last year around this time. it works much better than one would expect. So you have to go slow, but it’s still better than shoveling. Once you work out a pattern with the power cord, that is…

Save yourself the time and money and just buy a two stage. There is NO single stage snowthrower that’s worth a damn. By the time you need a blower, you have too much snow for this thing.
For the amount of snow this thing can handle, a trimmer-mounted snow brush is much easier to maneuver.
Living south of boston, over 60" of snow in three weeks, my ariens is getting a workout.

Bought one last time around. Maztang. Totally happy with it. 5 inches of snow can certainly be done. Fluffy is easiest but heavier has been done as well. I have used it twice in a day. Light weight. Very easy to push around. I found that back and forth is the easiest way. Cord is a pain in the butt until you figure out the best way. Managed to find the dog chain left on the concrete patio and I just had to untangle it.

As a fellow Northeast Ohioan, I have to say that using a 13-amp electric snowblower here is like trying to eat a steak with a toothpick.

I wouldn’t lump an electric in with the small single stage gas snow blowers. Those gas ones seem to bog down easily and only “plop” the snow a few feet away instead of throwing it. My Toro electric spins much faster so each bite takes less snow, but it takes a lot of little bites and really flings it. I like my electric a lot. Can’t judge whether this model performs like my Toro though. But I’ll agree completely - you’d need much more power to keep up with Boston snow this year.

NEW with full warranty. Sears offers the Pulsar 18" 13-Amp Electric Snow Blower, model no. PTG3418, for $119.99 with free shipping. That’s $20 under our mention from last month and the best price we’ve seen. It features manual pitch and rotation controls and can toss snow up to 26 feet.

Of note, Shop Your Way Rewards members will earn a Sears credit with this purchase and may be eligible for additional credits and discounts.

I also have the greenworks (though I missed it here and got it on sale at Amazon) and it does work quite well. I’ve used it in snow up to 8+ inches and 12 inch drifts and it still powers through. Even gets the heavy icy crap at the end of the driveway from the plow driver. Most important things with an electric is to make sure you have a good cord (too high a gauge and you don’t get enough amps) and figure out a good pattern for cord management. I bought a 100 foot 12 gauge cord and combined it with a 50 foot 12 gauge I already owned it works great.

Recently got this. Great purchase

I bought one of these last March after one of the snowiest winters in Chicagoland.

We recently had a 19 inch snow fall and knowing that trying to clear all that snow at once would be hard for any machine I plowed once in the morning and again in the evening. Roughly 8 inches or so in each outing and it worked great.

I highly recommend zip tying or taping the short cord in place so it doesn’t flop around when you are changing direction. After a couple times of using it the cord sheared causing a short circuit that tripped the circuit breaker in my garage. It’s a fairly easy fix if you’re handy. Thankfully my garage door opener has a battery backup so I could open the door again.

I did that. Spent over $1000 and its been nothing but a pain. Never runs when it needs to. Costs a fortune to have someone fix. I have a for sale sign on it now and will just pay someone else to clear my sidewalks if I get more than this can handle. I’ll take my chances with this electric for the frequent 1-5 inches we get here in PA.