Snow Blaster 13-Amp 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

No wonder it was such a good price for the specs. It’s not such a good price as a single-use item.
I finally got snow to use it on, and it failed the second time I stopped it. Its brake stops it so hard it throws off the belt, which then tears the flange off the driven pulley. If I get some time, I’ll figure out how to disable the hard stop and let it spin down and maybe its delicate drive won’t rip itself apart.

Ok, actually, the refurbisher is the problem. The belt rides too far outboard if it’s backward. That made it climb the pulley and break off the flanges. I got it to stay together by flipping the pulley the wrong way around to put the remaining inner flange outside, flip the belt, and run the belt outside the tensioner, Any other way and it still jumps off on release of power. It’s got good power, enough to dig along throwing the slush directly forward, which is all it can do, since the chute plugs immediately, no matter what feed speed.
I purchased a heavy awkward difficult-to-use unergonomic snow shovel for $90.

A 1 year warranty that can be claimed only by shipping the whole thing to Illinois is no warranty at all.