Snow Fan Woot Info Post because only crying is easier

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yeah. Go, winter.

Go AWAY Winter!!


Allow me to be the first to say it:


Can you even chug a beer that’s turned to slush?

Down with Winter, Viva La Fall!

This shirt is great. If only I understood its meaning.

What a bandwagon winter fan. Where was he six months ago, huh?

If this guy tried to smash a can on his forehead, it would go right through his head, resulting in instant snowman death. That’d be sweet.

mmm…beer slushee. thank you! come again!

He’s rootin’ for the wrong team. They never make it into the post-season.

That drink’s a recipe for yellow snow. He’s gonna scare people off with that.

I’m wondering why he’s drinking a can of beer? Just seems a bit odd.

someone needs to tell this snowman drinking isn’t the answer! do it fast before he hits rock bottom, er I mean melts…

I don’t really understand it at all… but as a native Vermonter I’m especially drawn to this t-shirt.

And is that beer he’s drinking? What’s the significance of the 110? That certainly can’t be a proof… What does it mean?!!

ha, my parents always called their beers “frosties”. Now I know why!

Were I a man who drinks beer, I would be sorely tempted to test this. Since I am not, instead I shall go have a SoCo and Dr. Pepper, at least I would if I wasn’t going to sleep very soon.

So does anyone know snowman anatomy and know where fluid’s go?

Perfect Valentine’s gift, guys!

What they never tell you that the yellow snow is just beer. I encourage all of you to shake off old superstitions and gobble up the next puddle you see of steaming yellow goodness.