Snow Fan

As a Canadian, I… I have no comment.

I was going to say he was a fair-weather fan, but then I realized that snow isn’t exactly “fair”. Is he a sucky-weather fan, then? And if so, would that thereby make him a true fan after all? This question is going to keep me up all night.

His arms are creepy like a withered-away old woman’s arms.

I think it is a reference to Global Warming, that sort of climate change leads to colder winters…

I will spend a fair amount of time pondering this as well. Sadly, this seems like a good use of my time.

This must be his watering hole

I think I need to be persuaded to buy this shirt by someone explaining it. Otherwise, how else can I tell my friends what it means?

judging by all those empty cans and how constricted that pupil is, he’s in no shape to drive home.

This snowman proves once again that sometimes yellow snow is the best!

This is the opposite of great…

what are his eyes made of?

This may be a groundhog day reference. Since faithful old phil saw his shadow and ‘predicted’ 6 more weeks of winter, this snowman may be celebrating.

He better recycle those cans he dropped on the floor…

Is he drinking beer or easy-cheese? Cheese flavored beer maybe?

Oh, I feel queezy.

I actually think he’s a University of Washington fan. He’s wearing its logos all over. I think we’re just misinterpreting it.

Hey it’s pretty chilly here in Seattle most of the time! Makes sense…

At first I thought he was drinking oil…

Well you see, he needs to chug that much to keep his blood alcohol up so he doesn’t freeze! Judging from those massive fangs he’s a snow zombie, and who’s ever heard of immobile snow zombies?

I find it utterly disgusting that this 'ol boy doesn’t have pants on.

I can see snowballs.

You’re not the only one - I had to go back and look again after reading the “110” comments.

But you couldn’t pay me to buy this now, we are currently in the midst of our 2nd blizzard in four days here in Maryland!!

Bring on spring and summer!!

Al Gore promised me Global Warming and the end of the polar bear scourge…

Now it’s never been colder! Arrg?! >.<