Snow In Texas... In March

with my lack of classes tomorrow(UNT) its just perfect timing for a winter woot-off…

Honestly, im gonna need it after today… I realized that living in this kind of weather would eventually kill me. I don’t even own a jacket that can handle the white fluffy herpes-like snow that was falling all day. 3 sweatshirts later and I’m feeling some sort of sickness coming on. After a 6 hour study session for a Bio test, classes got canceled yay =/ I’m tempted to go drive through someones snowman since i didn’t have time to make my own, but i cant due to a dead car battery(normal for cold weather or just coincidence?)
what do you think Texas?

It would be a good time to find a special someone to cuddle up with and stay inside and watch movies to keep warm.

A weak battery may experience an early demise in cold weather. Take it to your local Wally World and see if it will take a charge.