Snow Joe 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

I have one like this… LOUD, but does its job… No complaints I guess.

Excellent price. I have had one for several years to clear off our 20x40 deck. It has gone through drifts 3 feet deep and blast the snow a long way away. Only issue is cord management, but once you have that figured out by adjusting plowing patterns it is a great machine. I have had cordless models that have failed, but the company honored the 2 year warranty and replaced them free charge, including free return shipping of the old unit. The corded model has never had a problem. Great product, great company.

Both my elderly father and my elderly father in-law had electric snowthrowers, and just seeing a photo of this takes me back to miserable evenings wrestling these devices through 3" of wet snow. Yes, you WILL run over the cord.
if you get enough snow to need a machine to move it, buy a two stage, IMO.

I have the worx model and I really want the snow joe hybrid because I have to stack up 4 cords to do everything. I can’t believe doing that hasn’t killed the motor yet but 4 years in NH still working fine.

Important tip, if you do use multiple cords tie them together before plugging, just one simple granny knot

This is a good deal. I have a GreenWorks 20-inch that’s 13amps as well. I got it on the mothership for around $90 during a Black Friday sale. It shot a newspaper wrapped in plastic 20 feet in the air. Just make sure you have a 15amp extension cord so it runs properly.

Glad you had good luck with your warranty needs, I had another one of their products and getting the warranty honored was impossible. A dozen emails, multiple phone calls, sending photos of model number, serial number several times didn’t help. They finally stopped responding all together. Never buying from them again after that nightmare runaround.

So the thing throws snow, sure… got a lot last night and tried this for the first time… what’s the trick to keeping the chute on? It can’t seriously be the one tiny screw AT THE BACK and 3 tiny plastic slots that don’t fully clip in, because if so I know why this was $60…

The chute kept popping off by me too. Really annoying.

I ended up putting in a few more screws to hold it in place.

Same here, haven’t gotten to use it since but I’d hope four bolts can do the job haha