Snow Joe 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower

Thanks for the MN and WI comments. I live on the MN/WI border and my regular plowing guy just hung up his plow forever. So I got one of these for minor snowfalls. A major plowing cost $45, so this will pay for itself if I can use it once and a while.

I’ve got cord for my corded lawnmower, so I won’t be messing up with dollar-store extension cords. I read up on that and it is REALLY important!

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Make sure that you get a cold-weather rated extension cord. Most heavy duty extension cords designed for lawnmowers get super stiff in cold weather and can crack.

The absolute cheapest cold-weather 12-gauge 100’ extension cord I could find was the Yellow Jacket 2885 (rated down to -50C), which cost about as much as this snow thrower.

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Now that’s a helpful review. Thanks.

Mine does the same thing, the chute is held by very flimsy soft plastic tabs. I contacted Snow Joe company and after being on hold for 30 minutes, someone answered and asked me to send a video of the problem, I did that and now I am waiting to see if they would do something about it.
You should contact them 1-866-766-9563

Any chance this deal is coming back?

It does work for snowball fights as long as your opponents are all within 18 inches of you.

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Woot Customer service got me some money back, and I used that money to buy some nuts and bolts - if you have a drill you can just bolt it on manually… not ideal, but for the price it is wholly worth it. I put the instructions somewhere in one of my posts but if you can’t find it I’d be happy to outline it again for you!