Snow Joe 24V 11-Inch Snow Shovel Kit

Snow Joe 24V 11-Inch Snow Shovel Kit

I bought one of these here last year. It works great. You’re not going to do a huge driveway with it, but for the deck, the front porch, etc. it really throws the snow. I use it to make a path for my dog in the back yard. Even with 3ft drifts you just do it in layers, make multiple passes.

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I found the 13-inch corded version for about this same price on Amazon and just ordered that instead. Slightly less passes per layer and no need to worry about batteries being too cold even when fully charged.

I bought this about a week ago, to receive it & find that the factory reconditioned version does not include the cover??? I just read through the description on woot! again, and it does not disclose that anywhere!!! Can anyone tell me if they saw this pre-purchase?? Or if it does include the cover possibly?? I have not even opened the product box yet as it is not the season yet, I was just trying to prepare. Any info would be great! Thanks!

Hi there. The storage bag is not included. The sale hasn’t been changed since it launched.