Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower - 15amp

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Snow Joe Electric Snow Thrower - 15amp
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I bought this the last time it was offered and have used it 3 times so far in 6" light and fluffy snow and 4" deep snow a little heavier. This thing is surprisingly powerful and works well. Cord management needs a little forethought and planning but I am happy with it so far. If it only lasts one season, the price makes it a bargain compared to manual snow removal.

These are great for light snow in driveways… but they really shine if you have a large deck. I have an older model and keep it parked on the deck all winter. Even in deep snow you may have to attack the snow in front of you several times to clear it but it is a heck of a lot easier than shoveling.

Since I appreciate honest, unbiased reviews when I’m deciding whether or not to make a purchase, here’s my review on this snow thrower. After seeing this review ( and after reading reviews on Amazon, I purchased this exact model from Woot in November. I used it for the first time yesterday because I woke up to 8-9 inches of snowfall. Overall, I was very happy with the power and performance. My driveway is fairly big, (it could probably hold 9-10 cars, parked bumper to bumper) and this snow thrower cleared it all without a problem. I loved not having to pour any gas or oil into it, prime it, breath in any nasty fumes from it, or fight to get it started with a pull cord. It button-starts very, very easily. It’s lightweight but the wheels have good traction so it’s easy to maneuver. The motor isn’t anywhere near as loud as my previous gas-powered Toro, though I wouldn’t call it a quiet motor (nearby neighbors can still hear it). Three drawbacks: (1) You have to have a cold-weather outdoor electric extension cord to power it which you then have to be careful about not running over, but I didn’t find that to be a huge problem; (2) Clearing the snow is a slow process. If you push too fast, snow will spill out the front sides; (3) The process to change the angle/height (not the direction) of the snow chute requires a handle-covered screw to be loosened and tightened every time.
In spite of the drawbacks, I am very happy with my Snow Joe.