Snow Joe Electric Snow Throwers - Your Choice

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Snow Joe Electric Snow Throwers - Your Choice
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11/10/2016 - $129.99 - 199.9 - Click To See Discussion (11 comments)

What are these beasts? Just pulled my NY strip steaks off the barbecue here in 70 degree California.

Apologies if you live in a clime where these are actually useful. I can’t even imagine …

Every time I see an electric snowblower for sale I think, “Yes, I would like a snowblower. However, which camp am I in? Would I rather be angry that an electric snowblower can’t push a deep mass of snow away and then forced to admit I wasted my money… or would I rather be angry that my gas-powered snowblower wasn’t put away correctly last time it was used (by definition, 1+ years earlier) and won’t start, the carb is so fouled with old gas”.

Either way, somewhere deep down I know that my anger would have to give way to the same thing I do now: Grab the shovel and hope I don’t have a heart attack while shoveling wet snow (the widow maker)… or at minimum, hope that if I do have a heart attack, someone will notice quickly.

So what’s the answer to my question about, “how would I rather be angry?” At the moment, I’m the guy who waits for snow - year after year - and then gets angry that I still have no snowblower at all… and wish longingly that I were getting angry one of the other two ways.

Bought the battery one last week… It feels a little flimsy (wheels, type of plastic, light weight, etc), but it really does work! I had 4" of crusty, wet snow Friday, and this thing was able to easily clean down to the pavement.

It does 85% of what you would need. You can’t ram a snow bank, you can’t treat it roughly, but you can get most of your driveway done and you don’t smell like qn old fishing boat when you’re done.

Time will tell if it was worth it… But so far I like it.

Home Depot has reviews and one guy posted videos. Good luck!

GREAT post. I was feeling all the same things last week when these were for sale. I have also been shoveling each year. HATE to haul (buy, wind, trip over . . .) 100’ cord for electric, also sick of buying new carbs every year (no matter how carefully I “put away”).

Went back and forth between corded and 40v. Was convinced about one, and then was convinced about the other and then changed my mind :wink:

The reviews for the 40v were pretty decent. I know not to expect miracles from it, but if it works half way decently, with reasonable battery life, I’ll be happy.

I LOVE the idea of NOT having to deal with 100’ of cord and/or an 800 lb. machine that won’t start in the dark and cold . . .

The price is cheap enough that I’m willing to give the 40v a try.

looks awesome and a very good deal

I think I have six small engines, none of which have ever needed a carb. You either have horrible gas or horrible luck! Do you put fuel stabilizer in and run the engine for a while to circulate it?

If the electric won’t work, you need to change up your technique a bit. I have one of these, corded, and it never let me down. It’s not as powerful and fast as gas, but there are no storage hassles to deal with.

I drove to work in 15minutes through air that’s safe to breathe.

One thing all Californians share, besides sprawl, pollution, traffic is the mistaken belief that everyone else in the country wants to live there.

If you’re shoveling heavy snow, year after year, you do NOT want a “snow thrower”

What the heck? The plug-in one is 100 dB (plenty loud), and the battery one is “whisper quiet”? The slot in the specs where the noise level goes is empty.

Also, the battery one is 32 lbs, and they don’t tell you how heavy the plug-in one is.

It’s like they’re trying to make it hard to compare them. When they don’t give a number; we can only guess why…

Consider when comparing them, that if you don’t already have a high-quality extension cord, you will probably spend half the price difference on the cord.

Be sure to get a high-quality cord that’s flexible at low temperatures, or coiling it up when you’re done will be a miserable job. And the whole point of these is to get out of a miserable job.

I can’t speak to these particular models, but in WI, these don’t cut it. On a light fluffy day, they are great. When you need them most, they are useless. Not to mention the cord. I turned a really nice 100 ft extension cord into 2 shorter, but equally nice cords. Admittedly user error, but it’s easy to lose track of the cord (for me). I was clearing some slushy stuff that the plow pushed onto the bottom uf my drive and my eletric blower bruned up. Suddenly the red plastica casing started to glow.

Does this come with one battery or two? Package contents list snow thrower with battery and then charger with battery, hmmm?

I find that by procrastinating, you usually find the correct answer. Why not keep on shoveling and put the money towards a decent pre-paid funeral plan instead?

And don’t forget eathquakes, mudslides, wild fires, drought, sanctuary cities, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxter and Diane Finestein. They all make for a compelling case to move there, but I will pass as well.

The Snow Joe site doesn’t have a sound level listed for the electric one on their site. We’ll have to check with them.

The weight is listed on our specs for both though. The Ultra is 33.7 lbs.

Pretty sure it’s just one but I’ll confirm.

CONFIRMED: One battery

My elderly dad had two of these, one electric, one gas. When I went to clear snow for him I was obligated to use one of these useless devices. In 2" of snow you’re fine, anything wet, anything heavy or any accumulation and they are more trouble than they’re worth.
You have to play games to get the snow moved, like running it up on top of heavy accumulations and doing a couple of passes. or taking only 1/2 the width of the thrower on heavy stuff(which it only throws a few feet). I cut my fair share of extension cords with the electric model.
Then I purchased a two stage blower…there is no comparison between the two. any money spent on a snow thrower is simply money and time wasted until you upgrade to a snow blower.
If you live anwhere that gets more than 4" of snow more than once a year, blower.

Recently moved to upstate NY. I just bought a gas blower, a guy at Lowe’s said the electric ones are great for deck, sidewalk, whatever but he uses a gas one for the driveway.

Growing up in Wyoming my dad said he didn’t need one, his 4 boys could shovel the snow. When we all moved away he bought a blower…