Snow Joe Hybrid Snow Thrower

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Snow Joe Hybrid Snow Thrower
Price: $259.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Feb 06 to Tuesday, Feb 07) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Cheaper at the supplier, and free shipping…
Cheaper still at the mothership…

Not so woot.

[Mod: different product.]

That’s a different product. We’re selling the Hybrid that can run as corded or cordless. Here are the correct links:

Manufacturer at $399

Amazon $299

It’s so woot.

I bought the smaller, cheaper version of this (cord only) a couple months ago. Best $135 I could have spent. Arrived in time for a monster snow dump. I got this to clear off our 20 x 30 deck and it performed wonderfully, cutting through snow drifted over 2 feet deep. It had all the power it needed to blast the snow away. Only drawback is that it’s not self propelled, so you have to push it into th snow to be removed. But for a relatively small, limited area it works great; especially once you devise a system for managing the cord. It’s not a substitute for a 2 stage, self propelled, gas powered snow thrower, but for it’s intended purpose it works impressively well. Having the ability to run cordlessly is a decided advantage.

The one on Amazon is new and Woot’s is a refurbished product. Rather go new.

Got one for Christmas. Recommended!! Not for a giant blizzard, but worked well in a 5 inch snow. Medium duty at best, but a STRONG medium duty!

It says “Up to 50 minutes*” but there’s no footnote to tell you what the asterisk means…

Found it on their site:

*Initial no-load voltage, when fully charged, peaks at 40 volts; nominal voltage under typical load is 36 volts

Is this a single or dual stage?

Single stage.