Snow Joe SJ618E Ultra 18" 13-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

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Snow Joe SJ618E Ultra 18" 13-Amp Electric Snow Thrower
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Anyone know how this model differs from the SJ620?

compare the head on pictures of the two and you can see the difference. the 620 has a metal blade with a fabric/rubbber edge. the one here is an all plastic blade. i have an older snowjoe, not plastic, and works really well.

Looks like this one handles an 8inch depth while the next model up handles a full 10. This one is also about 10 pounds lighter. This is most likely due to the blade being plastic vs metal. This model is list as a “Prime Exclusive” on Amazon.


I have the SJ623E. Works well for an electric.

I have model SJ621, which I bought from the Mother Ship. I’m happy with it.

Pros: Does what it’s supposed to, easy to move around, well-built. Great for walkways and decks.

Cons: Don’t think that this is the same as the big boys. If there’s a big storm, you need to use your Joe before the snow gets too deep (I’ve cleared about 8" with mine).

The price is nice, so it’s a good buy as long as you know what you’re getting.

Why would anyone ever buy this when they have one on Woot Sellout for 10 dollars cheaper with better specs and a metal auger?

I’m predicting low sales on this in the Houston, TX market. We’re still gardening around here.

I own the one from sellout, the motor smells right off the bat and the previous thrower i got started smelling at the end of its life after 20 or so uses.

I had a version of this a few years. Had issue where top plastic piece cracked on screw head. Causing lid to open. Unusable and cannot find spare parts for it. Did go one winter with it. Doesn’t do wet snow over 4 inches well. Light stuff can go very good.

Hi, I’m from California. What is this thing?

It blows white powdery stuff. It doesn’t mechanically suck. According to some, it may. Depending on what you ask it to do.
The white powdery stuff is seasonal…not the white stuff you buy around the corner in Cali.