Snow Machine Bundle Pack

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Snow Machine Bundle Pack
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Kinda cool…

However, I live in the North Eastern part of the US. Our definition of a snow machine is one that has tracks and you drive it on top of snow…

free snow that mother nature creates…

too much snow…

Winter is Coming…

From Northern Maine: Who the f%#! needs more snow?

Anyone have this? Does the ‘snow’ have a bad taste? I see that the fluid is water based. Some units the snow has a bad petroleum smell and taste and is horrible if you inhale it.

You could always make your own out of rubbing alcohol and Mr Bubbles

Chicago checking in: what kind of masochistic person would actually want to create snow?

The North Remembers.

“Shipping Note: Shipping to Alaska…is not available for this item”

How disappointing to all the Alaskans who need this!

Living in South Florida, a litte snow for decoration or for the grandkiddies on Christmas morning would be nice. But what will it do to my nice green lawn and palm trees. how long will a gallon of snow juice last.

A few reviews on amazon.
A replacement bottle of “snow fluid” is $25.

So it’s less on Amazon, free shipping vs. 5.

I don’t think the one on Amazon comes with the Snow Juice though. Which is $20 on Amazon.

I think this would be pretty disappointing outdoors. It might even be disappointing indoors…it’s really meant for a DJ to use for party effect, which would include lights and darkness, a mirror ball, etc that you might do for a slow song. In your living room, it might just look silly.

Based on youtube comments, I gallon of fluid lasts about 1 hours on the minimum setting. At $25 a gallon, no thanks.

This the same technology the Theme parks use to produce a snow affect for the Christmas celebrations. I even saw this in use on the Disney cruise ship Magic during one of their shows.

The “snow” dries very quickly and does not stain.

It kind of looks like snow, but that is about it. It does look very pretty at night with good lighting.